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Wine FAQ

  • Are your wines suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

    All of our wines are suitable for vegetarians. Our white wines are suitable for vegans, but our red wines are fined with organic egg whites.

  • Can I visit Bonterra?

    Right now we do not have a space open for the public, but be sure to sign up for our newsletter using the form in the footer to receive updates on any developments!

  • Can I purchase wine directly from the winery?

    Absolutely! We have an online Shop and a Wine Club so you can be sure to always have a bottle of Bonterra on hand.

  • Do wines made from organic grapes age the same way conventional wines do?

    We regularly taste our red wines from previous vintages (including our very first vintage in 1992) and they are ageing beautifully. Our Biodynamic® wines are perfect for aging.

  • Is there Sulphur in your wine?

    Some people are affected by the level of Sulphur used in conventionally produced wines. We are required by organic standards to use lower levels of Sulphur (a maximum of 1/3 of the amount conventional wines are allowed).

  • What’s the difference between “organic wine” and “made with organic grapes?”

    There is only one difference between these two categories. Organic wine does not permit the use of additional Sulphur. Our winemakers made the decision to use the regulated amount of Sulphur in our wines to ensure that the wine you open is the same quality as it was when we bottled it.

Wine Club FAQ

  • How much does it cost to be a Wine Club member?

    Our Wine Club consists of 4 shipments each year: March, May, September and November.  Typically the shipment includes 3 wines, one of which will be one of our single-vineyard wines from one of our Biodynamic ranches. While there is no cost to join, the average price (including the shipping and tax) is between $40-80 per shipment depending on which wines are selected.  When we do not have one of the Single Vineyard wines to include, the cost is in the lower range.

    We will always send an email before the wine is shipped so you know when to expect payment being processed.


  • How are the wines selected for the Wine Club?

    We select the wines for each shipment based on new releases, seasonality and winemaker recommendations.

  • How do I change my Wine Club Member details?

    If you’re moving, send an email to David who will update your member details for the next shipment.

  • What happens if a bottle from the shipment arrives broken?

    In the unlikely event that your delivery is damaged, please notify us as soon as possible so we can resolve the issue for you quickly.

  • I want to place an online order between shipments. How do I get my discount?

    Simply login online with your account details and the discount will be automatically applied.

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