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Healing Honey

With cooler weather comes cold and flu season. So, when winter colds keep us down, we turn to a time-tested, natural remedy for help: honey.

Plus, honey has more in common with wine than you might think, which is why we’re opting for this brand of nature’s medicine. Found in an endless array of different hues and flavors—from pale gold to deep amber and clover to blueberry—honey is as much an expression of terroir as wine is.

Honey’s natural healing properties are two-fold. Check out these medicinal properties:

Antibacterial Properties: Its natural acidity, combined with the hydrogen peroxide honeybees deposit as they synthesize pollen, makes honey a proven bacteria- and microbe-fighter.

Soothing Properties: A natural cough suppressant, honey can soothe throats, ease respiratory difficulties, and improve sleep.

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